Our Services


TNT Construction and Maintenance strives to accommodate our customer’s needs, however big or small. Whether you have a small scale commercial renovation you’re looking to have done or a larger scale, we will work with you to establish a timeline and complete the work with as little disruption as possible. With hundreds of renovations under our belts, our staff of experienced employees we are sure to provide you with the quality of work you deserve with the hope we can exceed your expectations.


A key component to any merchandise based business, fixtures are what will allow you to display and sell your merchandise. With staff who are certified in safe racking procedures, we are always happy to help you with any set-up, tear down, moving, or remodeling of your fixturing that you require. Being experienced in the commercial and retail fields, we understand how these things can quickly disrupt a business and make customers unhappy but our experienced staff will work hard to create as little disruption as possible so your business, your customers and you will all be happy.


Every business will have small jobs that need doing, whether that be a tricky or special area that needs painting, flooring that needs replaced, cabinets that need fixing or any other task ranging from a nuisance to a health and safety hazard. However, not every business will have the tools or experience to complete it themselves. With over 10 years of experience with completing maintenance projects for a large commercial customer, our employees are trained and ready to complete this work for you while providing minimal disruption to your staff and customers.

Covid-19 Barriers

As current markets begin to adapt to new situations, we are extending our services to commercial environments looking to add protective barriers for the safety of their employees and customers. We have vast experience with installing custom designed plexiglass barriers to cash registers and service counters, and would be pleased to aid in maintaining your safety with this service.

Over 10 years as a commercial general contractor

Founded in 2006, TNT Construction has over a decade of experience serving as a commercial general contractor. As a locally owned and operated business, we take great pride in providing current and potential customers with a personable, friendly and professional experience for every stage of work from the initial estimate to the completed project.